Greetings Animal Lovers,

The bare bones of a business have been established – website, email, social media presences, online store – and I've created a production process that will allow me to make wonderful, high quality glass urns. There are five sizes available, ranging from the volume of a half pint glass to larger than a basketball.

Everything that is online I've done myself...I am formally trained as a IT system administrator, clearly not a designer :-) That said, I am fairly proud of the photographs. I've rented co-working space at a local business incubator, which will allow me a quiet and focused space from which to work, as well as updating Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook on a daily basis. There will be further refinement of the website and more products available online; I'll also be posting animal health related articles and some (hopefully) interesting, relevant blog content.

I would like to express my deep appreciation to the Eugene glass community for their support, technical input, access to studio resources, as well as physically assisting me in the manufacturing process; I most definitely could not have gotten this far without that help!

I would also like to express gratitude to the Eugene and Oregon animal communities for their assistance, encouragement and support. Animals are 50% of the equation and the other half are the people here in Oregon – trainers, noseworkers, mushers, rescuers, goat'ers, dog park'ers, everyone - from whom I find inspiration and who set great examples with their devotion to their animals and their community.

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Again, thank you for your continued interest and patience.

Joshua Whitley